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Think of bots that you will build as the new websites or new mobile apps.
Your customers will interact with your business through these bots.
Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

A set of services for daily usage in cryptonomy based on chat-bots
Supports any messenger platform with bot API
Better scaling and development process
Virtually unlimited ecosystem of applications
Blockchain and smart-contract enabled
Current set of products in development under first phase
A personal multicurrency crypto-wallet, supporting bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum and all ERC20 tokens.
A traditional plastic or virtual debit card provided for paying in the fiat linked to any of your crypto-assets.
A peer-to-peer currency exchange for crypto and fiat currencies with escrow or token-to-token trade.
A marketplace of the most attractive offerings for crypto-currency investing into managed ETFs or ICOs.
An eCommerce platform for creating mini-stores and markets with seamless integration into iziWallet.
MVPs and PoC
We already have MVPs and Proof-of-Concept ready!

Your help is empowering us!
Q2 2018
Finished iziWallet, iziExchange MVP(Telegram, Viber and KIK)
Implementation of a clustered infrastructure
Implementation of micro-service architecture
Expansion of development and R&D departments
Addition of Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies
Q3 2018
Launch of iziShopping for Telegram
Release of iziCards
Launch of iziShopping for other messengers
Launch of iziWallet, iziExchange for Skype, Facebook Messenger and others
Appearance of External izibits REST API
Company marketing
Integration with third-party services to support liquidity (funds, ICO)
Q4 2018
Addition of new services
DEX integration
Extra modules (stakes, binary options, etc.)
IZIbots service adding
Q1 2019
Back-end migration to blockchain and smart-contracts.
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Frequently Asked Questions
(constantly updated)
How IZI services work?
Izi is service based on messenger's chat-bot technology. While working with any popular messenger, you can work with any IZI service.
What is the benefit of using izibits chat-bot?
IziBits chat-bot services is easy-to-use, secure and available at any popular messenger.
Which messengers support IZIbits?
At present Telegram, Viber, Kik. After the ICO all the popular messenger will be added.
Is it safe to use izibits services? Where my private data will be located?
Izi-services are safe. More about our security you can read in White paper.
When will iziShopping and Invest work?
This services will be available at first/second quarter of 2018.
What is MVP?
It's minimum viable product. IZIBits MVP is multi-cryptocurrency wallet and p2p exchange platform.
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