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The world's leading cryptocurrency OTC trading platform powered by chatbot technology.

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Live Bot Screenshots

Izibits: start page
Izibits: sell
Izibits: buy
Izibits: deal
Izibits: coins
Izibits: wallet
Izibits: escrow
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Hand with phone and izibits

iziBits features

This is why you gonna love it

  • phone

    Super user friendly interface.

    Complicated things made simple for everybody.

  • person

    No apps to download.

    All you need is your favourite messenger!

  • devices

    Works everywhere.

    Any device, any operating system.

  • hand

    Your funds are safe.

    2FA authorization including biometric protection.

  • success

    One-stop solution for cryptolovers.

    Store, trade and spend your crypto from one place.